Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trixie the Destroyer

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I don't think Trixie is anything like she is portrayed online. She seems - judging from pictures, like a fairly nice, ordinary and lovable feline. Unless of course you put some ribbons or feathers in front of her.

Trixie is a 2 year old domestic shorthair. She was 9 months old and being held for adoption at the local vet's office. Her cuteness won the heart of a dog loving couple who returned the day after Christmas to take her to her home. Aside from Ebony, a 14-year-old mut, she shares her home with a year year old Albino Leopard Gecko, who fascinates her to no end.

I figured I'd do a few of my Pikapet friends for a change.

Trixie ID

When she's not being cute and cuddly, Trixie bankrolls her ribbon and feather fetish by being a professional night club dancer.

I used Raspberry Road Designs' Seventies Stylin' kit for this, a rather odd freebie that reminds me uncomfortably of this house I visited in New York with Beannie and Anna. It somehow works with Trixie's coloring. I doubt her house looks anything like this.

The lettering came from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

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