Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Niagra Falls at Night

In June of 1998 we'd gone up to Buffalo, New York, for the NHL Entry Draft. Being that close to The Falls we had to stop.

Niagra Falls at Night
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As I'd been to The Falls during the daytime the year before (images forthcoming), I wanted to go exploring at night, and so we did. These photos were shot off what I think is Niagra Falls State Park on the American side of the Falls. These are, of course the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls, the more magnificent of the two displays.

I should point out that careening thought a dark park heading toward the sound of rushing water is a good way to end up in the rapids - fence or no fence.

The Turtle
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Somewhere, and I can't help but think it was in Niagra Falls, NY, we found this rather interesting bit of architecture. I've been told it's served as a Native American museum at one point and as a restaurant called The Turtle, at another. During this particular visit was as doing nothing.

I would have liked to see inside. It looked like it would have made an interesting hockey rink.

The reason I think it was on the American Side of the Falls is that we went to the Hard Rock Cafe there, and I think that we parked several streets over from it. I could be totally wrong however, after all...that WAS nearly 10 years ago.

I used the Canadian kit from Scrap Girls on both of these and yes, that is the Alpha that came with the kit. Weird, eh?

I still would like to get up there to see the Falls the in winter, you know...when they've frozen over?

(I know the Falls to not actually freeze over, it's a long standing joke.)

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